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Searching for online completion programs can be a bit tricky, since many schools don’t necessarily use the word “completion” in the names of their degree offerings. But virtually all colleges today are courting adult students who have taken some college courses, by offering very liberal credit transfer policies that can help you use the the credits you’ve got to get finished with school faster. Here’s a listing of schools that are particularly friendly to credit transfer in several different ways:

american intercontinental university completion programs

Large online school offers a vast number of bachelor completion programs in healthcare administration, accounting and finance, international business, computer forensics, internet security, law enforcement, marketing and others.
Credit is provided through a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to provide credit for knowledge the modern adult learner may already have.
- Associates degree credits accepted on a “block” basis, as well as acceptance of individual course credits from a previous school, up to a maximum of half of the total for the bachelor’s degree you are taking from AIU.
– Credit transfer allowed for previous college work, military training, standardized examinations (CLEP), experiential learning and professional training & certifications.
- Offers a variety of accelerated degree programs.

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capella university completion programs
Capella offers bachelor’s completion degree programs in business and information technology, with a “petition for credit” option that allows you to bypass classes on topics you already know about and finish faster. Prospective students should ask admissions counselors about credit transfer, after which they may be asked to go through a “prior learning assessment.”
- Based on prior learning assessment, accepts up to 75% of credits toward total program from previous schoolwork.
– Up to 50% of credits required can be fulfilled through previous experiential learning, after prior learning assessment.
– Up to 45 credits applied from CLEP tests.
– Credit awarded for DANTES tests, AP tests and IB Diploma scores.

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keiser university completion programs

Keiser University offers a Bachelor in Health Science completion degree for students who have already completed an associates degree in a health field. The program is designed to build leadership skills for more managerial jobs in healthcare, and can be done with a concentration in management or health care education. A BS completion degree is also offered in Information Technology Management.
- At least the final 25% of the bachelor program must be completed at Keiser. Other credit transfer is granted based on transcript review.
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St. Leo university completion programsSt. Leo University is a non-profit school based in Florida with about 16,000 students. The university encourages applicants to gain credit toward a degree for previous learning at another school or professional experience to help them complete a degree more rapidly. It offers associate’s, bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in business, criminal justice, psychology, technology and other specialties. Depending on approval, key benefits include:
- If you hold an associate’s degree from a regionally accredited school, you may be able to transfer as many as 64 credits.
– Up to 39 credits may be accepted for for military courses and training earned or validated by the National Guide to Educational Credit for Training programs published by the American Council on Education (ACE) and/or the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.
– Depending on the Registrar’s evaluation, up to 24 credits may be awarded for certificates or official training gaing in police, nursing, or other career work.
– CLEP testing can be used to gain credits toward your St. Leo degree.

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Walden university completion programs
Walden University is a very well-established online school, which offers a very wide rage of degree programs. It offers some good options to help you complete a degree:
- You may, under some circumstances, transfer up to 75% of your undergraduate credits toward a bachelor’s program.
– You can apply for credit recognized by NCCRS after developing a portfolio through the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL) via
– Certificate and degree programs offered by a wide range of businesses, the military and other organizations are recognized for credit.
– CLEP and DANTE testing can be used to gain credits toward your Walden degree.
– Interestingly, if you’ve completed a MOOC (massive open online course) through an ACE-approved training program, you may be able to turn that course into credit if you completed it through an ACE-approved program.
– Credit transfer is dependent on evaluation by Walden

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