Online Colleges & Universities That Accept Lots of Credit Transfers

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Being able to transfer your credits from a previous school or get credit for experience you have gained in your work life is the key to completing a college degree faster and at the lowest possible cost. Here’s a listing of some of the most credit transfer-friendly colleges and universities in the U.S. that give online degrees.

kaplan credit transferKaplan University is a very large and well-known online school, with over 270 online degree programs across the full range of certificate, associate, bachelors and graduate levels. It offers numerous “advanced start” degrees in communications, many different business specialties, information technology, teaching, health science and criminal justice.

  • Kaplan can accept up to 75% of credits for undergraduate degrees from previous learning at another school. At least 50% of the major or “core” requirements for your degree need to be taken from Kaplan.
  • No more than 50% of total credits will be accepted in transfer toward a certificate program.
  • Transfer or prior learning credit can be given, pending a review by Kaplan, for either college courses documented on an official transcript or through experiential credit.
  • Credits can be awarded for CLEP, DANTES, AP, DLPT or ET test passage.
  • The student needs to get credit approval before starting school at Kaplan.
  • Kaplan also has agreements with a large number of community colleges around the U.S. that ease transfer of credits toward a full bachelor’s degree at Kaplan.

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transferring credits into american intercontinental universityAIU, a large online school, gained attention earlier this year by announcing that it would take up to 75% of all credits toward its bachelor degrees. That effectively turns all the 20-plus bachelor degrees the school offers online into completion programs. AIU is a bit different in that its quarterly schedule means you need 180 credits for a BA or BS, though in general the number of courses will be generally similar to what you would take to earn 120 credits on most bachelor programs. The school has a vast number of bachelor degree programs online in business, computers & information technology, healthcare management and criminal justice. Some of the key rules on transferring credits toward an AIU bachelor’s degree:
  • Credits you took for an associate’s degree at another school can be accepted as a full block, or on an individual course basis, to account for up to 50% of credit for your AIU bachelor degree.
  • You must complete 25% of your credits toward a bachelor’s degree “in residence,” meaning at AIU, to graduate with an AIU diploma. Associate degree rules are a bit tighter: you need to do 50% of credits in residence to get an AIU associate’s degree.
  • Only courses you got at least a “C” in (or 2.0 on a 4.0 grading scale) will qualify for transfer. They must also be at least college freshman level courses. High school advanced placement or remedial courses won’t qualify for credit transfer.
  • As is the case in most schools, AIU will only accept credits from another accredited college or university. This can be a complicated issue as accreditation is not totally standardized (read more about accreditation issues affecting credit transfer here). You’ll also have to get your old school (or schools) to send an official transcript to AIU to confirm completion of the courses you’re claiming for credit.
  • Naturally, the courses you want to transfer in need to be relevant to the major you are getting a degree in at AIU.
  • Credits are accepted for work experience, or for passing certain CLEP or DANTES tests.

These are all general guidelines. As each student’s situation is unique, you’ll need to consult an admissions counselor at AIU about your own particular picture on course credits.

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transferring credits into american intercontinental universityDeVry University is an Illinois-based school with solid accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools that has over 60,000 students on multiple campuses and enrolled in online degree programs. It was founded in 1931. The university has made a particularly strong commitment to helping incoming transfer students use as many credits as possible to count toward the completion of their degrees. The school offers a very wide range of degrees in business, computer information systems, criminal justice and other areas. Some keys elements of DeVry’s program for transfer students:

  • A “college completer scholarship” is available that can provide $2,000. per semester to students taking 9 or more credits per semester, or $1,000. per semester to students taking 6 – 8 credits per semester, up to a total of $18,000. in aid in total..
  • Transfer credit awarded for military coursework or training experience.
  • DeVry will accept up to 80 credits in transfer toward a degree program, depending on qualification requirements.

These are all general guidelines. As each student’s situation is unique, you’ll need to consult an admissions counselor at DeVry about your own particular picture on course credits.

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