Indiana offers a unique BSN program for Licensed Practical Nurses that’s 100% online

Most online bachelor degree programs for nurses are usually “RN to BSN,” open only to those who hold an RN license, which usually means having an associates degree as well. But an LPN to BSN delivered 100% online is offered nationally by Indiana State University. It’s an interesting option for the LPN who wants to get working on an RN and bachelors degree without going back to square one to start an associates degree program. As far as we can tell, this is the only online option out there for an LPN who would like to leapfrog to the point of having an RN license and a BSN.

Indiana State has partnered with The College Network, which is providing study guides for the first phase of the degree program. You need to complete this initial phase, consisting of 76 hours of general and elective credits, either thorugh College Network or a local school in your area. If you maintain a 2.5 GPA, after completion of this first phase you apply to Indiana’s nursing school to continue in the rest of the program.

If accepted, you’ll generally do 43 hours of upper level nursing courses online through Indiana State. There’s no waiting list and your required hours of clinical study are done under the supervision of a preceptor in your area. Only licensed LPNs can apply.

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