Adult Friendly College Of The Week: Baker

This week we’ve chosen Baker College, a Michigan-based nonprofit school that was little known nationally until it became a kind of small powerhouse on online degrees. The school, which was founded in 1911, offers very career-oriented training and degree programs across business, health sciences, culinary, automotive engineering and other specialties.

The school takes pains to promote itself as being super-friendly to “non-traditional” students, which in the education world is code for “adults returning to college.” It also offers a lifetime employment assistance program that’s designed not only to help graduates get a job when they finish school, but to keep on helping them as they change jobs or need new employment later on in their careers.

Best of all, perhaps, Baker has one of the lowest tuition rates we’ve been able to find anywhere for a college with regional accreditation (the best kind).

Baker has multiple campuses and branch locations throughout Michigan, It reaches a national body of students through online degree programs that include:
Associates Degrees:
– Computer Programming
– Java Programming
– Web Design
– Accounting
– Management
– Marketing
Bachelor’s Degree Programs Online
– Accounting
– Human Resources
– Management
– Computer Information Systems
– Computer Science
– Criminal Justice
– Nursing
– Finance
Baker also offers several MBA programs online.

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